Level the Field

Level the Field

All kids are deserving of the opportunity to be healthy, to be educated, to play sports, to dance, to love, and to eventually succeed in a profession. – Ray Wipfli, Tedx Temple City, 2019

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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Help out at one of our camps that combine sports, health education, and fun filled activities.

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Support Our Efforts

Support Our Efforts

There are many ways you can support Ray United FC’s work. You can volunteer, donate, host a fundraiser, sponsor a student, and more…

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Launch a Club

Launch a Club

Ray United FC student-run clubs provide students in the U.S. and Uganda the opportunity to learn about shared global health challenges and develop better cultural understanding.

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Join Us!

RUFC offers life changing opportunities for youth to travel to Uganda to meet our community partners and engage in meaningful cultural exchange and service. We have two service learning trips for youth upcoming in 2020. The first is our Spring Break Splash Safe Camp (March 13 – 22) and the second is for our Soccer Health Camp (June 4-14)

Support our programs with a donation!

All donations are tax-deductible and go directly toward providing youth in Uganda with opportunities to learn and have fun.

Follow our work…

We are always busy planning, implementing, researching, evaluating, and celebrating! Be sure not to miss a thing by following along on our social media accounts, scribing to our YouTube channels and Blog, and joining our newsletter!

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RUFC harnesses the power of sports and the arts to promote education, health, and global citizenship among youth. We bring youth together to have fun, improve skills, promote healthy behaviors, and strengthen citizenship.


We are dedicated to a community-based, youth-led and youth-centered approach to all our programing. We emphasize positive role modeling, interactivity, and fun in all of our educational activities. All our programs are inspired by respect, benefit, sustainability, and joy.


We run a number of programs to fulfill our mission, including annual camps, school clubs, service learning trips, and student sponsorships. We also provide internships and specialized training for global health students and young professionals.


RUFC provides financial and technical support to local partners who take the lead in implementing community-based programs. Our funding comes from individual donations from volunteers and friends. RUFC is a registered non-profit. It’s tax ID code is  46-5381488. All donations are tax deductible. 


RUFC is above all a partnership between local community-based organizations in Uganda who ​take the lead in developing and implementing programs and international organizations with the capacity to help strengthen their efforts.


Posting about global citizenship since 2014…

HELP Support our next program

Our 2020 Splash Save Camp will be held March 15 – 18, 2020, proving 50 vulnerable youth with life saving drowning prevention training.

For $50 you can help secure the buses for a day to transport the kids from their remote villages to the swimming pool!

Camp Bag


For $35 you can provide a camper with their ‘camp bag’ that includes a shirt, swim suit, towel, flip flops, pen, and a drowning prevention workbook.

Splash Ball Supplies


For just $10 you can help provide the supplies needed for a fun game of Splash Ball, including nets, balls, and floatation devices for the players.