6 Months in…

This month marks half a year since I had my life changing experience in Uganda.  It seems like just yesterday I was seeing those smiles on the children’s faces.  I am very disappointed that we couldn’t get Morris and Miriam here this summer but at least my mom was able to meet the two in person and deliver some presents. From what I hear, they are both wonderful.  We are still working to get them here for Spring Break.  My mom also brought two more huge bags of donations for Twezimbe to deliver to the kids in Mpigi. If you have new or gently used soccer gear that you no longer need please feel free to drop them off at my house.Our partners at Twezimbe and I have finally chosen the school we will be refurbishing. It is called Namabo Primary School in Mpigi. As you can see from the pictures, the school is in terrible shape. The building is falling down and the kids have classes outside under a tree. There are also no bathrooms which make it especially difficult for girls to attend school. I tweeted some of the pictures this afternoon. Pictures are also up on my website and Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook, I am now only 6 ‘Likes’ away from the 100 milestone and only 10 followers away from 50 on Twitter. I am very excited to learn how much money we have raised through our partners at Launch.  Thanks to them, we will be one step closer to our overall goal of $20,000. I plan to have lots of fundraising events in the next few months and hope to many of you will participate. 

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