About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

RUFC harnesses the power of sports and the arts to promote education, health, and global citizenship among youth. Through community development programs, RUFC brings kids together to have fun and improve their athletic skills, promote healthy behaviors, and strengthen citizenship. All programs are inspired by respect, benefit, sustainability, and joy.


We are dedicated to a community-based, youth-led and youth-centered approach to all our programing. We emphasize positive role modeling, interactivity, and fun in all of our educational activities. We believe sports and the arts help develop dedication, concentration, communication, teamwork, creativity, compassion, empathy and leadership and promote healthy behaviors, too. All our programs are inspired by respect, benefit, sustainability, and joy.


We run a number of programs to fulfill our mission, including annual camps, school clubs, service learning trips, and student sponsorships. We also provide internships and specialized training for global health students and young professionals.

Who Supports the Club?

RUFC works in partnership with multiple community-based organizations in Uganda to deliver top quality programming. In Uganda, we have a full-time staff member based at Youth Rising, as well as multiple part-time project managers. In the United States we have a ​formal board and a handful of dedicated volunteers. Our funding comes from individual donations from volunteers and friends. Learn more about our Team.

How can I get involved or support the organization? 

There are many ways to get involved with the organization! You can host a fundraiser, start a club at your school, volunteer to help at an RUFC event, sponsor a student, and/or travel with RUFC to Uganda. Learn more about our work and how you can contribute!

Non-Profit Status

RUFC is a registered non-profit. It’s tax ID code is  46-5381488. All donations are tax deductible.