Quite the Trip: Guest Blog by Francesca Christensen

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of attending the RUFC Youth Vision Trip in Uganda, allowing me to meet many new friends and be immersed in an incredible culture and country. Uganda is the first place I have traveled outside of the US and many people told me that I had picked “quite the trip” for my first international experience. Although this made me a little bit nervous, they were right; it was quite the trip. I had the experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait to go back.

WhatsApp Love from Bluetooth

Bluetooth and I hanging out at camp together Bluetooth pumping up the campers Bluetooth and group enjoying their homestay meal Bluetooth taking blood pressure during our medical outreach day Bluetooth and other members of our incredible team! Thought I would share a text the #RUFCCamp17 WhatsApp group got this morning from Kennedy ‘Bluetooth’ Yesigome. Kennedy has volunteered for RUFC camps 2 […]

The Pearl of Africa by Louella Gonzalez

Members of the #RUFCamp17 team including Louella Louella participating in the RUFC Medical Outreach Day that reached over 300 people. Louella and other USC students with members of their home stay host family. ​Winston Churchill’s Pearl of Africa is lush and breath-taking.  The people are beautiful, gracious, and very warm. And in spite of bearing the scars of the atrocities […]

My Message to CECA…

​ Hey CECA!!! It’s Ray from Ray United FC. I’m so glad to be back at your wonderful school. First off, I’d like to thank you for all your help in last year’s efforts. Thanks to your support we were able to provide 1,200 kids in Mpigi with healthy meals, health education, and of course, soccer training. It was such […]

#RUFCMpigi15 trip video

This is a video of clips from my recent events in Mpigi to the music I had playing in my headphones throughout the trip (Music: “Blame it on me” and “Budapest” by George Ezra). Still learning how to use my camera and edit but hope you enjoy.  document.getElementById(“video-iframe-610703287572822520”).style.opacity = 0; document.getElementById(“wsite-video-container-610703287572822520”).style.background = “none”; var videoIframe610703287572822520Content = ” + ” + […]