Separate Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly illustrated both how connected we are and how vastly unequal the world is. At this time we all need to be focused on continuing to help #levelthefield for all youth, including ensuring that all kids have the resources they need to continue to learn safely. Without urgent action, the gap between well off children and those less fortunate will continue to expand.

Realizing Your Vision

Six years ago today I had an experience that I have come to recognize as the most defining moment of my young life and the spark that led to Ray United FC. As I have stated over and over again, the opportunity to engage with rural Ugandan kids on the soccer field redefined my world view. But how did this […]

The Stories We Tell

9/24/2019 A few weeks ago, I pulled up to find a boxy news van in front of my house. I was expecting it. For a few days I had been excited to share about my work partnering with at-risk communities in Northern Uganda with millions in Southern California. The interviewer from the station set up his camera in my living […]

‘Until Someone Hears You’… a Guest Blog by Audrey Melillo

As a part of this workshop, I had the opportunity to share two of my own pieces of advocacy with the students. The first is entitled Mother, and it uses the analogy of a dying mother abandoned by her negligent children to encapsulate the global climate change crisis. The second was shared solely with my students, and it speaks about the importance of bonding together as women in response to the gender inequities that women globally face.

Is it Safe?

I am often asked when people hear that I am traveling to Uganda whether or not it is safe. There seems to be a prevailing misperception that African countries are dangerous, especially more dangerous than high-income countries in the West. Lately, I have been struck by the hypocrisy of US citizens questioning public safety in other countries.

Always more…. (to learn, experience, and give)

This June, RUFC successfully implemented our fifth annual soccer and health camp. It came at the cost of a lot of work from us and all of our wonderful Ugandan partners, and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. For the first time ever, the weather held up! We didn’t have one downpour! That combined with four years of […]

Reflections from #2019GHIC

​This April I had the incredible honor to attend Unite for Sight’s Global Health Innovation Conference, an annual global health conference held at Yale University. I originally made the journey with the expectation that I would share with others in the global health community about the power of community partnership, youth engagement, and fun in facilitating change in rural Uganda, […]

To Be Heard…

In May it will have been 5 years since writing my first blog entry on this site. I am proud of my commitment, but it is also strange to think that I have undertaken this task for half a decade or a third of my life… Over this time, I’ve gone through so many highs and lows with writing. Some […]

My Greatest Privilege: The Ability to Travel

The first month of 2019 is off to a blistering start, as it seems just yesterday I was enjoying the snowy holidays with loved ones. 2019 has already had ups and downs for RUFC. On the up side, we have sold out our 2019 Youth Vision Trip and collected and dispersed tuition for 12 kids to start their new school […]