Happy holidays everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am very grateful for all of you who donated throughout the year and have supported me in rebuilding Namabo Primary School.  I have learned a lot this past year, especially how […]

Setting My Goals

Hello everybody!  Ethan Zohn’s talk on Tuesday got me thinking about my goals for the future. Ethan spoke of two kinds of goals, goals for the organization, and for you as a person.  I’ll start by speaking about my goals as a foundation. In the next year, I hope to have finished working on my first project, which means I […]

Taking the Mic…

Happy October everybody!  I had a very busy September! Between the 2 speeches I gave – one at PCY and the other at the LAPFC opening ceremonies – my yard sale, and launching the Buy-A-Brick campaign at PCY, we have made quite a bit of money the last few weeks. My two public speaking experiences last month were great and I […]

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everybody! Lots of great thing have been happening for RUFC. Friday was my pool party fundraiser where I raised almost $1,000 thanks to all my amazing 6th grade friends at Paradise Canyon Elementary. Recently I had a meeting with Barry Ritson, Director of LAUNCH Inc., and thanks to his […]

6 Months in…

This month marks half a year since I had my life changing experience in Uganda.  It seems like just yesterday I was seeing those smiles on the children’s faces.  I am very disappointed that we couldn’t get Morris and Miriam here this summer but at least my mom was able to meet the two in person and deliver some presents. […]

Epic World Cup

Hello everybody!  Today’s World Cup Finals party at Round Table Pizza in La Canada was a great success and I am very excited to learn how much money we raised. It was the perfect end to an amazing World Cup. I spent most of […]

2 Months in…

Today marks 2 months since I started my foundation.  I am really excited at how far we’ve gotten in the short time we’ve been around – we’ve got a name, a logo, and real partnerships.  Thanks to LAPFC and Launch Soccer Inc, Morris (13 year old boy) and Mirriam (12 year old girl) will be coming from Uganda to Los […]