Safe Space

In  August, the world celebrated International Youth Day, a day during which we appreciate all of the hardworking, dedicated, and talented young individuals across the globe. I get so excited by the idea of youth leadership. I truly believe this generation of youth is different. We are connected in unprecedented ways through technology and by fostering connections and  friendships early in life […]

The Joy of Cooking

Yesterday I was reminded about the things we share with my friends living in rural Uganda, as well some differences, as I enjoyed cooking dinner for my family. For many in the US, the process of cooking dinner usually amounts to going to the store to buy the necessary ingredients, and cooking them over a gas flame, or even a […]

RUFC Camp Results in Life Changing Opportunity

​RUFC’s fourth annual soccer camp which concluded last week was another wonderful success. As always, we provided soccer training, health education, healthy meals, and a health clinic on the final day. We once again reached over 1,000 youth throughout Oyam District. We endured very long bus rides in the mud (got stuck a few times) to ensure that we reached […]

In Honor of Mother’s Day

Humanity. The person I feel most embodies humanity is my mother.I’d like to thank her for raising me to be a compassionate and understanding person.And more recently, pushing me toward goals I am sometimes unwilling to strive for.For reminding me that love doesn’t come with hubris but with humility and the conviction to put others before yourself.I’d like to thank her […]

How We Represent

I like this image because it shows Meddy Katende, 3 year RUFC volunteer who is a health professional based in Kampala, leading an exercise with teens while USC student Ashley Millhouse looks on learning not leading. I’ve learned to be very careful with the language I use to explain why I do what I do. I stress social justice, not […]

Who’s Stressed?

RUFC team members survey participants during #RUFCCamp17 Our data suggests that the youth in Oyam are happy and self confident. Me visiting Stanford – a dream school for many American teens. ​This month, RUFC team member Simone St. Claire compiled all the data collected by our team during last summer’s camp and prepared our final report. The results will continue […]

Giving Thanks

We saw many different types of tents used by people fleeing their homes. Some look just like the ones we use to go camping – they were likely purchased by the owners at a time when they too thought they would be using the tent for recreation. My brother, Ian, being measured for malnutrition. He clearly has had plenty to […]

In recognition of recognition

The awesome winners packet. I was deeply moved by the words ‘extraordinary service to people and our plant’ This is from my local newspaper. It’s an example of how we are using the award to raise awareness about our work. My work is not usually so glamorous or reaffirming – here I am at a local restaurant this month raising […]

WhatsApp Love from Bluetooth

Bluetooth and I hanging out at camp together Bluetooth pumping up the campers Bluetooth and group enjoying their homestay meal Bluetooth taking blood pressure during our medical outreach day Bluetooth and other members of our incredible team! Thought I would share a text the #RUFCCamp17 WhatsApp group got this morning from Kennedy ‘Bluetooth’ Yesigome. Kennedy has volunteered for RUFC camps 2 […]

The Pearl of Africa by Louella Gonzalez

Members of the #RUFCamp17 team including Louella Louella participating in the RUFC Medical Outreach Day that reached over 300 people. Louella and other USC students with members of their home stay host family. ​Winston Churchill’s Pearl of Africa is lush and breath-taking.  The people are beautiful, gracious, and very warm. And in spite of bearing the scars of the atrocities […]