The Myth of ‘Africa’

Meeting with our partners at Reecontro Soccer is played on red sand pitches Meeting with our partners at Favela United Walking along Costa do Sol in Maputo Africa is a big place. It contains 54 countries and spans 11.73 million square miles. Describing “Africa” is impossible because each country is so incredibly unique. Even within countries, diverse culture, traditions, languages, […]

A Few Good Men (and Women)

In my happy place Evan Pye sacrificing dryness to deliver camp Girls enjoying their time on the field with the Football for Good coaches Thanks to Albion San Diego we were able to outfit 24 school teams with uniform sets Top female goalie of the week Our amazing team After a whole year of fundraising (over $40,000 raised just for […]

Football for Good

#RUFCCamp17 activites focus on healthy diets, infectious disease, risky behaviors and more! #RUFCCamp17 volunteers packing up for the trip to #Uganda! Infectious disease activity showing how rabies spreads. Last week I attended an event held by Street Football World at the UCLA Anderson School of Business concerning the use of soccer for good and all the organizations rallying around the […]

The Role of Joy

One month from today, Ray United’s 3rd annual soccer camp will begin. This has gotten me thinking about what our camps bring to the table that make them so impactful and meaningful for all those involved. I have come to the conclusion that it is the sense of joy and unity the permeates through the whole experience that make our […]

Reflecting on 8th Grade Promotion

RUFC Youth Vision Trip participant Laelan Wright and I at our 8th grade promotion dance ​So, I’m graduating from middle school next week (high school promotion or whatever you would like to refer to it as). For me it is a good opportunity to put my life and education in perspective. As I continue my journey into high school I […]

Beyond Borders

I think it is time to address something that was said to me the other day while fundraising for RUFC that has been eating away at me.“You know there are veterans in OUR country who are living on the streets, and you’re helping kids in Africa?”To you, I say this: It is obvious that the issue of veteran neglect plaguing […]


            Hi Guys!!! This month was all about strengthening the RUFC team. To start, we held our first Ray United Leadership Council meeting. I am really excited about all the great ideas and feedback we got from our friends and supporters. The main topic of our meeting was the mission and vision for RUFC. We all agreed that the core […]

My Message to CECA…

​ Hey CECA!!! It’s Ray from Ray United FC. I’m so glad to be back at your wonderful school. First off, I’d like to thank you for all your help in last year’s efforts. Thanks to your support we were able to provide 1,200 kids in Mpigi with healthy meals, health education, and of course, soccer training. It was such […]

#RUFC15 Curriculum Evaluation and Recommendations

During the #RUFC15 Summer Camp, USC students Kristin Dessie and Asia Dean undertook an evaluation of the public health curriculum developed and delivered by USC MPH students and partners from Makerere University. Questionnaires were administered to a group of students before and after participating in health education lessons. The two questionnaires served a dual purpose: 1) Since there is a lack […]