Youth Public Health Ambassador Workshop 1

The first training workshop for our Youth Public Health Ambassadors Program was held March 5-7, 2021. The workshop focused on public health fundamentals, including sanitation, nutrition, reproductive health, risky behaviors, and mental health. Ambassadors also learned specific skills including how to construct a tippy-tap hand washing station, make reusable menstrual pads, conduct CPR, and fashion slings.  

In preparation for the workshop a team of US-based students and Uganda-based  RUFC volunteers worked to gather to develop detailed public health workbook, which was also translated into the Luo, the  local tribal language in the Lira District. The workshop was facilitated by a superstar team of RUFC camp alumni facilitators and CCI staff, while US-based volunteers zoomed in to facility specific sessions on cancer awareness, first aid, and disease transmission.

At the conclusion of the workshop the Ambassadors took part in a prioritization exercise in which they identified the issues that they were most interested in addressing in their communities. 

Following the workshop, the Ambassadors returned to their communities armed with improved knowledge and resources to help train others in what they learned. They quickly got to work hosting various educational sessions as seen in the pictures below.