Groundbreaking in Namambo Primary School

What’s up guys?  Sorry for not posting. As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been in Mpigi and there is no electricity or Internet. The first day in Mpigi we went and did the groundbreaking at Namabo Primary School.  The kids there were great.  They danced and sang for Madam Amelia and us, and we had a great time.  Though it was obvious that the kids were in terrible shape. The school only has enough food to give one bowl of porridge to 50 of the 306 students each day. The kids are clearly undernourished. They were happy we were there to help and I am confident in the next few months I can make a change.  The need, however, is enormous and I am going to need all of you to help me. The next day we went to Bujjo Primary School and orphanage to give out the letters my class wrote and the soccer gear you have so kindly donated. The kids there were ecstatic.  I can’t even begin to describe their smiles. These kids were in slightly better shape than the kids at Namabo, but not by much.  You can see pictures of the kids wearing the clothes and shoes on my website.  In the end it was amazing to realize just how many shoes that we had gathered and how many kids we were able to treat.  The school is located on the top of a plateau overlooking the rolling hills of Mpigi. We all agreed that it will be the perfect location for our soccer camp this summer. After visiting Bujjo Primary School we went to another school where a soccer match was being held for the Amelia Cup. This year the theme of the tournament is ‘youth talent’ and scouts are out at all the games looking for the next great generation of soccer talent in Uganda. There I presented the shirts donated by United FC and LA Premier FC. In the end, every player in the tournament will get a United Cup Champions t-shirt and the winning two teams will be awarded the new jersey kits donated by LA Premier. The next day I had nothing to do for RUFC so I went with my grandma and brother to the equator.  We had lunch there with our driver Abdul.  I tried to have a burger but I think California has spoiled me.  We went shopping in the little market there and then we went back home.  On the way home we saw a youth soccer game on the side of the road. We stopped to check it out and quickly were in discussions with the coach about their need for new gear for the kids. Although we only had a few balls left to give them, we took their information and I look forward to returning soon to do a gear giveaway with our new friends. Since then I have just been hanging out at our hotel in Kampala, but this morning at 6 we rolled out of bed and into the car to go up to Northern Uganda for Safari with Morris and Miriam.  So more to come on that tomorrow if the Internet there is good. Bye      

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