Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everybody! Lots of great thing have been happening for RUFC. Friday was my pool party fundraiser where I raised almost $1,000 thanks to all my amazing 6th grade friends at Paradise Canyon Elementary. Recently I had a meeting with Barry Ritson, Director of LAUNCH Inc., and thanks to his willingness to donate a percentage of his camp proceeds we rose over $2,000. Lots of great people like him have gone above and beyond supporting RUFC this past month. These people include my neighbor and GATE teacher Hilary Gregg, the Dunbar family, and my principle, Debra Cradduck. Concerning future events, we are having a giant yard sale on September 20 so feel free to drop off all your junk in my yard before then if you get the chance.  I will also be making a speech at the upcoming LAPFC opening ceremonies (Friday, September 5 from 6-9 at LCHS) and hoping those attending will contribute to my efforts. I am also making a speech for PCY’s first spirit rally on September 19. I feel that Labor Day is a day that should get more credit. Not just for working Americans but for everyone. Many of the kids in Uganda, for example, have to labor more than many adults in the USA. We should celebrate everyone who works hard to make a difference in their lives.

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