Important Meetings!

Hello again!  Sorry for not posting yesterday, I didn’t have a lot of time to write.  But it was a very important day for RUFC.   So, because my mom had to go for a meeting, we went shopping at a local market.  I bought a couple shirts for my partners and an extra one for you guys.  Not sure how I am going to give it out, but I was thinking about a raffle or an auction.  I also bought some bracelets to give away; first 5 people to donate $10 in the next week get a bracelet.  Remember, first come, first serve so donate as soon as possible! I also had two important meetings at my hotel.  The first one was with a man named Charles from Twezimbe.  We talked about our plans in Mpigi this week.  I will be doing the groundbreaking on Tuesday, and from what I hear it is going to be a big event. But I really don’t know what to expect.  I also had a meeting with Phillip from Edgar’s Youth Program.  We talked about partnering with them in delivering this summer’s soccer camp. The meeting went really well but we don’t really know what the partnership will look like in the end.  He is coming out with us to Mpigi on Tuesday and we will finalize our plans then. We’ve also had some wonderful conversations with the Dean of the Makerere School of Public Health about future grants and school health promotion programs.  Today I went to a preschool with my grandma, who taught a reading lesson there.  The kids there were wonderful and my brother and I had a great time playing with them in the school yard.   I also had dinner with a professor from Makerere and his family.  I literally passed out at the table at one point. Jet lag can be hard! Tomorrow I will be meeting Morris and Miriam and visiting the US Embassy. Fingers crossed that we leave with their visas! Then we will be driving to Mpigi to meet with the contractors about refurbishing the school and I will be at Namabo Primary School for a groundbreaking ceremony.  So I will a busy day ahead of me so I have better get some rest.  Bye, see you later!

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