RUFC School Clubs

What are RUFC School Clubs?

RUFC clubs provide youth the opportunity to learn, partner, travel, and make a real difference in the world – all during high school. All ​RUFC school clubs are registered, student-run clubs that provide high school students in the U.S. and Uganda the opportunity to learn about global health challenges and engage with youth living on the other side of the world.

What do RUFC School Clubs do? 

RUFC School Clubs aim to bring American youth closer to their peers in Uganda (and visa versa) and develop respectful partnerships focused on improving opportunities for all. School clubs three core roles: 1. Increase awareness about the health and education challenges faced by youth; 2. Communicate with partner school students and discover your shared human experiences as well as your different daily realities; 3. Develop and fund student-run projects at the partner school in Uganda aimed at improving health and wellness. Through public events such as film screenings, debates, exhibits, and demonstrations, students can also engage their broader campuses and community. RUFC Club members are invited to join the annual RUFC Youth Vision Trips to visit Ugandan and their partner schools.

What kind of support does RUFC provide to the Clubs?

RUFC provides all clubs: 1. A comprehensive curriculum guide to help inform monthly club discussions and promote awareness on campus ( 2. A matched school in US/Uganda with whom to communicate and partner. 3. Logistical support for working with your partner school, including communication platform and dedicated staff. 4. Publicity support to assist with fundraising.

How do I start a RUFC Club at my school?

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated students to launch RUFC clubs at their school. We have prepared a Step-by-Step Guide to starting a RUFC Club (Click Here). When you’re ready, we ask that you register your club on this site (Click Here) and we will follow up with you with educational resources and information about your partner school. 

Current or Past RUFC Clubs:

  • Burlingame High School, Burlingame, California partnered with Johnson Nksai Primary School, Mukono, Uganda
  • Temple City High School, Temple City, California partnered with Dokolo Progressive School, Dokolo, Uganda
  • Rye Country Day School, Rye, New York partnered with Loro Secondary School, Loro, Uganda

Past RUFC School Club Activity:

In 2016, RUFC Clubs were launched in schools throughout Mawakota North. The clubs were encouraged to apply for small grants (1,000,000 Ugandan Shillings or about $285) to carry out a student-led health project. Two schools were awarded the grants and participants in the 2017 Youth Vision Trip visited both schools to launch their new projects.

Bulamu Secondary School

Encouraging better nutrition through the establishment of a fruit tree grove on campus.

St. John Bosco Primary School

Promoting environmental sanitation through trash disposal and awareness-raising on campus and in the community.

Photos from the launch of RUFC School Clubs in Mpigi, Uganda: