My Message to CECA…

​ Hey CECA!!! It’s Ray from Ray United FC. I’m so glad to be back at your wonderful school. First off, I’d like to thank you for all your help in last year’s efforts. Thanks to your support we were able to provide 1,200 kids in Mpigi with healthy meals, health education, and of course, soccer training. It was such an amazing experience to have for all of the kids and I. Let me tell you something awesome that happened during the camp. I was surveying my camp, which was going smoothly and this kid, who looks like he’s in a lot of pain, walks up to me. He has a hugely swollen face and was complaining about his tooth. So I take a look inside his mouth and indeed he has a deep infection. It has been around for a while he says, but his mother could not afford to treat it. I took him to a clinic down the street and had him treated. A few minutes and a couple dollars later his tooth was gone and he was given antibiotics for his wound. This was a truly moving experience for me. This kid returned on the last day of camp as a whole new person and said his mom was thrilled and said he was so handsome. During another day of the camp, right before we were about to start, a huge issue in Ugandan culture came up. Two girls came up and asked if girls were allowed to play soccer. We told them that of course they were allowed to play soccer and pointed out to them a pro female player that was helping to coach the camp. They were thrilled and we had tons of inspired girls there attending the camp. Here is a video of the amazing 5-day camp and while you’re watching it see how many girls were out there playing soccer and having fun. Watch video here

​We were also able to provide the funds to finish Namabo Primary School. Ugandan elections are running during this time so all progress has been stopped but we will be sending the pictures of the final school, including a plaque, with the names of all the brick donators once the elections are complete. Children in Uganda have to pay to take their education beyond Primary school and many can’t afford to do so. So last time I came I brought along with me Morris and Miriam who are now sponsored to attend high school next year along with 5 other children whom we have supported. None of these children would have been able to go to school this year without the help of some wonderful people who sponsored them. We are hoping that they will continue studying and pursue a future worthy of them.I am excited to continue working with CECA and receive the same support from you this year as well. I hope to host another soccer camp this June but it takes a lot of resources to do so. So any help you can give would be much appreciated. Your teachers are handing out flyers now illustrating how you can help our efforts. You can “buy a bag” for 10 dollars which will provide one child who attends our camp with a gift bag which includes a toothbrush, a shirt, and a health manual. In addition we are doing our annual clothing drive so if you are doing your spring cleaning or have old clothes, stuffed animals, or other fabrics that you no longer need we will be collecting until March 11. You can also meet me in the Quad after school to pre-order t-shirts and sweatshirts at 15 and 20 dollars a piece. You can also come meet me in the quad with your parents after school to say hi.  Now your teachers will be handing out papers, which I am hoping you will write a heart felt letter to a colleague in Uganda. Please write your gender and grade ex. first grade girl/boy and address the letter as Dear Friend. Talk about your life and what you like and be sure to ask them about theirs. You will receive a letter back in a few weeks. To 7th and 8th graders, we are offering CJSF hours to those interested. Some ideas for CJSF hours are standing out in front of a local grocery store, organizing an event at school, or selling RUFC gear. It’s a fun and easy was to get hours while supporting a good cause. Don’t forget to meet me out in the Quad after school to take a picture to post to social media!

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