New Year’s Resolutions

My siblings (including Miriam) and I on Christmas Eve.
Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season full of love and appreciation for friends and family.  Here at RUFC we are so grateful for the support we have received this year and would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has made a donation or attended a RUFC event in 2018. To all our volunteers and international partners: Happy New Year! May 2019 treat you well and I look forward to our continuing friendship.  It’s amazing how much RUFC has impacted my family’s life. We happen to have RUFC’s first youth ambassador, Miriam, staying with us. We are overjoyed to have had her enjoy the holiday season as part of the Wipfli family.

New Year’s is all about resolutions and goal setting for the next year. Accordingly, I sat down to list out my own personal goals for 2019:

Raise $50,000 for RUFCThis June is RUFC Camp’s Fifth Anniversary, and we want it to be bigger and better than ever. In addition to our normal programming we would love to continue running our health clinic on the last day of camp, but the funds need to be there! Help me get off to a great start to this goal by donating HERE. 

Succeed at 16-18 Junior Diving NationalsOf course, my whole life does not revolve around RUFC. I am also a diver and this year marks a big transition for me in diving – moving into the final junior age group. This entails having a full, eleven dive list and diving against some of the strongest divers in the country up to two years my senior. “Success” does not mean winning by any means, it simply means being confident and comfortable among an awesome field of competitors.

Stop saying “I can’t”In many aspects of my life I have held myself back for fear of failure. In 2019, I am making a resolution to be fearless because sometimes in order to succeed it is necessary to open yourself up to embarrassment and failure.

​I can only hope 2019 is as fulfilling and successful as 2018 was for RUFC and me personally. I wish you all a Happy New Year and GREAT start in 2019! 

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