Pit Stop in Istanbul

How’s it going everyone?  We are having a little interruption in our journey.   We missed our layover flight in Istanbul, Turkey (quite a bit more glamorous, though).  So we intend to make the most of it, and be tourists for a day.  Its freezing over here, I was expecting the warm equatorial weather of Uganda.  Besides that it’s amazing.  The diversity of the people at the airport rivals LA. In the area of the old city where we are staying there are tons of shops and stands and to top it off the food is delicious. But, we will resume flying tomorrow at 6:30.  After a 7-hour flight we will arrive in Kigali, Rwanda and wait in Rwanda for an hour or so before continuing on to Entebbe, Uganda.  Before we left I bought a GoPro to film my adventure as a kind of compilation.  I have already begun editing the clips and putting them together with music.  At the end of the trip I plan on posting it to my YouTube channel, Ray Wipfli.   So that is something to look forward to.  I will keep you guys posted on the status on the trip and continue to post updates on my social media.  See you guys tomorrow, I’m sure Istanbul has a lot to offer! 

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