Returning to Mpigi

Bags of donated gear are ready to go! 
Get your RUFC practice shirt today!!!

Looking forward to seeing and sharing more of these smiles!
          Hey all!  So, I am leaving for Uganda tomorrow with my mom, along with my brother, Ian, and my grandma. I am looking forward to a similar, if not better, experience as last year. I want to take a moment to reflect on my thoughts over the past year.  Returning from Uganda last year I was kind of clueless.  I had no idea what to take away from the experience.  It wasn’t until my GATE teacher Mrs. Gregg confronted our class with the TED Talk assignment that I really started to think about what I had seen there.  At that point, Ray United FC was just starting to piece together.  I didn’t really make the decision to establish RUFC, as much as it just happened.  Before I knew it I had a non-profit on my hands and, well to say the least, I had no idea what to do with it.  Fundraising was difficult and I am still figuring it out now.  It wasn’t really until I had my partners in LAPFC and LAUNCH did I really begin to understand what it meant to fundraise.  I realized people wouldn’t just give me money.  I had to impress them, give them reasons to invest in me.  Public speaking, blogging, throwing parties and events; all these things are great tools for fundraising.  Once I understood this fact, the funds started rolling in.  I am proud of my supporters and myself for making it this far, but we still have a ways to go. My newest initiative is t-shirt sales. Get yours today at  I also wanted to update you on the schedule of my trip.  On Monday next week I will be meeting with the US Ambassador to Uganda and on Tuesday I am meeting with US consulate staff regarding Morris and Miriam’s visas to visit. If all goes well they will be coming during the last week of school. In any case, I am excited to finally meet both of them in person.  On Tuesday I am also meeting with Edgar’s Youth Soccer Programs ( to discuss partnering on this summer’s soccer camp.  On Wednesday I am visiting Namabo Primary School to break ground on the new school block. I will also be having meetings with the construction company working on the project. I am talking to my teacher Mrs. Kazak about Skyping in from the school to our classroom so the kids can talk face to face. During my time in Mpigi I will also be attending a district soccer tournament and an orphanage where I will donate the hundreds of pounds of soccer gear that have been donated over the past few weeks. As for my social media I will be blogging daily on this website and will constantly be updating my Twitter (@rayunitedfc) and Facebook pages ( You can follow along this RUFC journey on my new hashtag #RUFCMpigi15.  Last but not least, I will be posting pictures and videos of those smiles I’ve been telling you about. Stay well and don’t forget to follow the feed at #RUFCMpigi15. #morethanaball

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