Rufc Camp 2018

RUFC Camp 2018
June 4 – 9
Oyam District, Uganda

2018’s camp was once again held in Oyam, Northern Uganda in partnership with Global Health Network Uganda, Football for Good, Youth Rising, and Makerere University. The 5-day camp reached over 1,000 youth with public health education and soccer training. Over 1,500 nutritious meals were served to campers, teachers, volunteers, staff, and security personnel. On the final day of camp, a medical outreach was held that provided 100s of mothers and newborn babies with vaccinations and well-being checks. Adults in the community were also tested for diabetes, Hepatitis B, and HIV by Oyam Health Center IV staff. During camp over 250 youth were surveyed regarding their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors concerning their physical and mental health. This data will be analyzed and results will be disseminated to improve RUFC and other providers’ services in the region. 

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