Setting My Goals

Hello everybody!  Ethan Zohn’s talk on Tuesday got me thinking about my goals for the future. Ethan spoke of two kinds of goals, goals for the organization, and for you as a person.  I’ll start by speaking about my goals as a foundation. In the next year, I hope to have finished working on my first project, which means I will have raised $20,000 to refurbish the facilities and create a soccer camp at Namabo Primary School.  Looking further into the future I would like to refurbish a school a year and over the course of the next few years, have changed hundreds of lives for the better.  

Now, my goals as a person are not too different.  I want to really integrate myself more with the Mpigi community.  Really get to know how they go through each day.  But most of all… I want to see more of those smiles.  The true elation in the kids eyes as you give them just a small gift.  I think that is why I am writing this, why I have raised all this money.  Because that feeling when you see these children, who live in small shacks and wear no shoes, who seemingly can never be happy.  You think their fate is sealed.  But it isn’t until you see them smile at such a small gift, that you feel the same thing they feel, happy.  Only then do you realize that all they need to become great is an opportunity.  An education. A sport.  Soccer.

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