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Our first RUFC poster! I’m excited to share our experiences! Happy Halloween! October has been full of monumental achievements for us at Ray United FC and we look forward to the opportunities that await us moving forward. On this spooky day, I’d like to quickly describe what’s on the calendar for us in the coming months. First of all, this week my mother has been having an awesome adventure! Accompanied by her friend Jessie, (who came with her son Locke on our RUFC Youth Trip) she has presented Ray United FC’s first academic poster at the Association of Pacific Rim Universities’ Global Health conference in Malaysia.  This poster details RUFC programming and the extensive benefits provided to all participants. This is exciting news for the future of RUFC. While mom has been working hard showing our work to the world, it hasn’t been a drag for her at all. She has the incredible privilege of experiencing the diverse and wonderful culture Asia has to offer as she travels from Malaysia to the tropical shores of Thailand to the towering city of Hong Kong. ​

Recently I’ve been working diligently on AP Euro… (I’m very jealous of my mom at the moment). But I will have my shot to present a poster, because all three of our abstracts to the Consortium of Universities for Global Health in Chicago were accepted. I look forward to continue sharing our work in March. While this is all thrilling news, much of our work is dependent on our wonderful Ugandan partners who dictate what happens on the ground when we are fundraising at home. We think the event in March would be a great opportunity to have them be involved in presenting our work and data.
Our poster in action at the APRU conference in Malaysia

Meddy is central to RUFC programming.
Here is my call to action: Let’s raise two-thousand dollars so we can fly Mohammed (Meddy) Katende out to Chicago so he can have the opportunity he deserves, having been an integral member of the RUFC team since our debut. Having him there would also be an important display not just of our international partnership, but of the friendship forged from the commonality shared by the people working to influence positive change. I think we can do it!GoFundMe Link:

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