Time to Get Moving!!

My friends and I at the RUFC Pancake Breakfast in November – the small turn out resulted in major cash! Over $750!             Hey guys, its been a quite a while since I wrote a blog so I’ve decided to get a move on.  The reason I haven’t blogged for a while is hard to explain. It’s a bit of laziness, busyness, and the fact that it’s hard to put the things I’m thinking into words, but I believe that it has been way too long since I blogged. Today I wanted to talk about coming and working together towards a common goal.  I feel I’ve had trouble this year engaging my teachers and fellow students in my efforts. I finished my first camp in Uganda only days before I started at my new middle school. I was so excited about sharing all the amazing things that had happened during the camp and was excited to build on our accomplishments. Unfortunately, when I actually got there I found that I’m a bit afraid to speak to my new peers and teachers and when I do mention Ray United they seem skeptical. Even when they seem supportive, they don’t seem to have time to listen to me explain what it is I actually do or how they may be able to help. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated.            The point of my blog is not to complain. I knew that staying committed to the kids in Mpigi and continuing to raise funds for them would be hard work – I just didn’t realize just how resilient I would have to be personally. I am doing this because I love my Ugandan friends and I want to make the world a better place. I am doing it because I know that together we can make a difference and because last year’s camp was the most fun and most rewarding experience in my life and I want to do it again and share it with my new friends and teachers. I’m doing it because we were able to build a whole new school last year and I know we can do it again this year!            I struggle to understand why many of those around me can’t seem to see that if we all worked together we could achieve greater things than ever before.  It makes me realize that even on a larger scale, if all the countries learned to be cooperative and work together the world would be a much better place – but that it is very hard to actually achieve.  My goal in the next few months is to keep trying to be creative and figure out what will make my classmates and teachers more interested and supportive of RUFC. I know that together we can continue to accomplish the amazing! PS – Stay tuned for final pictures of the completed new building at Namabo Primary School and first day of school pictures of our 3 sponsored students this year! Thanks to all of you who listened and helped out. I hope you know what a difference it makes!

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