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Bluetooth and I hanging out at camp together Bluetooth pumping up the campers Bluetooth and group enjoying their homestay meal Bluetooth taking blood pressure during our medical outreach day Bluetooth and other members of our incredible team! Thought I would share a text the #RUFCCamp17 WhatsApp group got this morning from Kennedy ‘Bluetooth’ Yesigome. Kennedy has volunteered for RUFC camps 2 years in a row and worked as a local representative for USC and RUFC this past year in Kampala. He served at the Head of the Makerere team of students for #RUFCCamp17. He recently graduated with his masters from the Makerere School of Public Health. His thoughts are powerful and shared by so many of us…”Hi guys I’ve just been reflecting about some of the camp moments  this year and how unique it was.I’m just thinking of the excitement USC and Makerere students showed whenever Heather was giving remarks at the end of each camp day . Students were saying their school slogans with a lot of enthusiasm. It is something I hadn’t seen before.Thinking about it, am amazed by the levels of engagement of everyone in the early morning dances before kids always lined up to get their supplies. Everyone literally had a dancing group of kids around them enjoying. The teaching sessions always began when everyone is fresh and super charged from the dancing. People had a positive vibe throughout. And for the trips on the bus in the morning and evenings, it was something else.What a time to be alive! What an opportunity to work with Ray United FC! What an opportunity to work with USC!  What a chance to meet USC students!What a golden opportunity to interact with Simone, Ryan, Lou, Kim, Lily, Nazz, Desu, Emma, Ashley, Diana, Godfrey, Ruth, Dee, Lou, Papa Ray, Cary and the youngsters Ethan and Chris.How would life be if I hadn’t spent the special moments with you Desu, Diana, Simone, Godfrey, Emma and Ryan! I must say that you guys are something else.I must say that God has a way of bringing great people together. Take a moment and think about what earth would be like without people like Prof Heather Wipfli, Abdul, Ray Wipfli, like seriously though, what kind of words can you use to describe Ray. Many of the kids in his age group are doing nothing. Ray is doing things of people 4 times his age.And for Evan and the GHN team you led, man you made work move so smoothly. You’re such an interesting and simple person to work with.With the opportunity I got to work with you guys, I think I can say that I have made it in life.Moving on after camp I must say is a challenge for me at the moment. Especially now that I  don’t have anything like classes to keep me occupied. (Am now looking for work until next RUFC camp season.) The relationships and moments I had in the past month are so hard to forget…forever in my heart.”THANK YOU BLUETOOTH!! We all love you and can’t wait to see you next year! 

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